Suwannee Springfest 2013

So we are heading to Suwannee Springfest 2013 held at the Suwannee River Music Park! We’ll be playing on Saturday March 23rd at 5pm on the Music Hall stage. This has been such an inspirational festival for us throughout the years and we are so stoked to be a part of it all! To add to the excitement of playing there we are also releasing an EP called “Demolition Man”! We have been working hard on our full length album and recorded so many songs we figured we would give you a small taste of what the full length will kind of be like, though 2 of the four songs on this EP will not be re-released. It will definitely be a special album to add to our discography!

On other news, we have some other really great festivals coming up that we will catch you up on later… for now you can check out our “Gigs” tab for future shows and keep checking back for more updates!

Peace and Love,

The New 76ers

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2013 Here We GO!

Hey y’all, we are so close to being finished on putting the finishing touches to the recordings! We are SOOOOOOO excited and happy that our songs are coming together the way they are… and that we are getting so close to having a finishing product! We cannot wait!

Other AMAZINGLY AWESOME NEWS is that Kelly, Danny, and AB are expecting to welcome their newest member into the Goddard Family any day now! We are all so very happy that we are quadrupling our chances of having another family band member! tee hee hee

That being said we are definitely going to take some time off from playing out around town and more so concentrate on our CD and the upcoming festivals! We have accepted invitations to play Suwannee Springfest (Mar. 21-24 in Live Oak, FL), Springtime Tallahassee (Apr. 6 in Tally, FL), Gamble Rogers Folk Festival (May 3-4 in St. Augustine, FL), Great Southern Music Festival (May 9-11 in Ochlocknee, GA), & The Florida Folk Festival (May 24-26 in White Springs, FL). We may add more as we go along but we are really excited to have been asked to play all of these wonderful festivals and you should totally come along and cheer us on so we get asked back next year!

We had to say “See you later” instead of “goodbye” to our fiddle player Drew Matulich who decided to take an amazing opportunity and move up to Asheville, NC! It was really hard to let him go but someone with that much awesomeness shouldn’t be kept all to ourself… His gifts should be shared with the world and help make it a better place…The reason we only said, “See you later” is because he will be joining us playing as many of the festivals we have scheduled that he can. We will seriously miss hanging out with him though… GARY…

Thanks again for all of your support and we really are looking forward to this great year and what lies ahead for us!

Peace and Love,

The New 76ers

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The Paperback Rack this Friday, Nov. 9th!!!!

We have been talking with this venue for a while about playing at the Paperback Rack and we believe we have found the perfect show for us with other awesome bands!!! It’s all happening this Friday, November 9th at 9pm! The bands that we will be playing with are Carousel, Royce Lovett and Little Lamplight! We will play at 11pm but it starts at 9pm!!! This is going to be a great night of music because it’s going to be one of the last shows we’ll play for a while… (last show is Friday, Dec. 7th at Miccosukee Root Cellar) since Kelly will be having lil baby Goddard adn we will be finalizing the our album!!!

Go out, see some great music! It’s everywhere this weekend and come see us if you get a chance and say hi…

Thanks y’all

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Halloween and recording!!!!

This Saturday (10/27) we are scheduled to play at the Mockingbird and have been on their schedule to play since 2011… Then looking at the date and realizing what date it actually is… Why not have a Halloween show? So that’s what we are doing!!!  We are gonna dress up and you should too!!! Besides, when else are you gonna be able to dress up and not be called a freak for doing so?! Check out the awesome poster Kelly made below!

Also our recording session this past weekend was awesome and super productive!!!! We are so close to being finished with main parts its not even funny! Hopefully get some pics from that up soon!

Well we hope you all have an awesome week and can’t wait to see you out this Saturday to spook it up at the Mockingbird… Remember to make reservations if you want to sit and eat (850)222-4956…

Go support local!

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Coming soon Organic Americana, but first, the Mockingbird!!!

We are getting ready to head down south to Crystal River Preserve State Park for their festival “Organic Americana” held on Saturday Sep. 22! We have heard great news about the park and we are so stoked about playing with Sabal and Hardee Myer! Check below for more info on the festival!

But before we head down we will kick the weekend off at the Mockingbird this coming Saturday Sep. 15! Like always, we encourage you to make reservations ahead of time by calling the Mockingbird at 850-222-4956. Hope to see you all!

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Recording & pizza blockades!!!!

So we have begun recording our 2nd album!!! We are so pumped to be back in the studio with Kris at Log Cabin Studio. Our first couple of days in the studio turned out to be very productive… We literally tried out every microphone in the studio to give us a maximum choice on sound whether on vocals or intruments. This next album is sure to be the exact sound that we want from it! We have haulted on scheduling many gigs to make sure we get the most time into the studio so we can complete this album, but you can still catch us at the Mockingbird this month on Saturday August 25th…

Take a look at some of  the pictures from our studio time… we have plenty more and will continue to update as we go…

Here’s a couple of the mic’s and arrangements we used to get the right sound for the bass…

Here’s one of Danny possibly getting the right microphone arrangement for the Guild…

Kelly and Kris working on different mics and somehow we were able to choose different mics for each individuals vocals and instrumentation… Now that is saying something!

Finally, we had to order pizza because we were all starving… but we had to make sure the pizza delivery guy came to the studio entrance and not the front door of Kris’ house which he said has happened too many times and has woken up his wife and kids… BIG NO NO… So alas, with my ingenuity and seriously hungry stomach, I created a pizza blockade…

Ain’t no pizza delivery guy getting thru this! But just to make sure he didn’t walk up the front door (even after we gave specific directions to not go to front door which Kris said its happened time and time again), he sure enough tried to go to the front door but I was hiding out in the bushes to scare the piss out of him… Which worked but also he almost dropped our pizza…

The end result was The New 76ers stuffing their faces with pizza and bread sticks (not pictured). 

Write a little comment on this post if your inspired by the pizza or See our “Gigs” tab for upcoming shows! Either is a win win!

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Crazy life of The New 76ers

This picture is a small glimpse into our life as we knew it to be these past couple of months with a festival every weekend! We had an amazing time and got a chance to meet and play with tons of amazing people. We are so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity. Alas, the festival times will slow down for summer which will give us a good chance to work on our new album! We are all so ready and excited to start on this project and have really received loads of support on some of the songs that we are deciding to put on the album. eeeee

You can still catch us out this summer:

June 30th  @  Mockingbird Cafe 

July 14th  @  Swamp Stomp (Tallahassee Museum)

July 28th  @  Mockingbird Cafe 

So there it is! We look forward to seeing you! Make sure you go out and support local music and local establishments that help support local music!

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60th Florida Folk Festival

We are pleased to be included in the lineup for the 60th Anniversary of the Florida Folk Festival! The F.F.F. is held along the Suwannee River at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park! The music schedules are on their website, but to save you time… here are our times:

Friday, May 25 –  5:30pm – “Song & Story” stage

Saturday, May 26 – 6:30pm – “Seminole Camp” stage

Sunday, May 27 – 1:30pm – “Azalea” stage

*Also Brian & Danny (and probably Kelly) will be playing with Even Money on Saturday and Sunday…

Even Money:
Saturday – noon – “Amphitheatre” stage

Sunday – 6:30pm “Azalea” stage

Hope to see you all out this weekend for a great festival!

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Great Southern Music Festival

If you like bluegrass music, then you don’t want to miss the Great Southern Music Festival, happening this weekend in Ochlocknee, GA.  It’s only about 15 min from Thomasville off the Bainbridge Hwy.  The address: 2217 Maddox Rd., Ochlocknee, GA 31773

We’ll be playing Friday at 7 PM and Saturday at 1 PM.

 Here’s a look at who else is playing:

The Wildwood Valley Boys with special guest Michael Cleveland

Jackie Hill & the Blue Shades of Grass

Delta Reign

The Kenny Hill Band

Blue Hollar

 Bring your chairs & cooler and spend the weekend with us. Go here for more info on tickets & camping.

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Gamble Rogers Folk Festival

So this weekend we are super excited because we have been asked to play at the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival held in St. Augustine, FL!!! The lineup is awesome and includes The Waymores, The Nouvieux Honkies, Aaron O’Rourke Trio & The Gatorbone Band just to name a few!
  The festival will be held at the Marina on Friday night and the Amphitheatre on Saturday. We are playing the Pickers Stage on Saturday from 2:40-3:20pm so be sure to be at our stage around those times! This weekend we get to have our great friend Drew Matulich back with us to lay it down on fiddle for ya! Click here for more info on schedule! Hope to see you out enjoying the weekend! 

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