2013 Here We GO!

Hey y’all, we are so close to being finished on putting the finishing touches to the recordings! We are SOOOOOOO excited and happy that our songs are coming together the way they are… and that we are getting so close to having a finishing product! We cannot wait!

Other AMAZINGLY AWESOME NEWS is that Kelly, Danny, and AB are expecting to welcome their newest member into the Goddard Family any day now! We are all so very happy that we are quadrupling our chances of having another family band member! tee hee hee

That being said we are definitely going to take some time off from playing out around town and more so concentrate on our CD and the upcoming festivals! We have accepted invitations to play Suwannee Springfest (Mar. 21-24 in Live Oak, FL), Springtime Tallahassee (Apr. 6 in Tally, FL), Gamble Rogers Folk Festival (May 3-4 in St. Augustine, FL), Great Southern Music Festival (May 9-11 in Ochlocknee, GA), & The Florida Folk Festival (May 24-26 in White Springs, FL). We may add more as we go along but we are really excited to have been asked to play all of these wonderful festivals and you should totally come along and cheer us on so we get asked back next year!

We had to say “See you later” instead of “goodbye” to our fiddle player Drew Matulich who decided to take an amazing opportunity and move up to Asheville, NC! It was really hard to let him go but someone with that much awesomeness shouldn’t be kept all to ourself… His gifts should be shared with the world and help make it a better place…The reason we only said, “See you later” is because he will be joining us playing as many of the festivals we have scheduled that he can. We will seriously miss hanging out with him though… GARY…

Thanks again for all of your support and we really are looking forward to this great year and what lies ahead for us!

Peace and Love,

The New 76ers

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