Halloween and recording!!!!

This Saturday (10/27) we are scheduled to play at the Mockingbird and have been on their schedule to play since 2011… Then looking at the date and realizing what date it actually is… Why not have a Halloween show? So that’s what we are doing!!!  We are gonna dress up and you should too!!! Besides, when else are you gonna be able to dress up and not be called a freak for doing so?! Check out the awesome poster Kelly made below!

Also our recording session this past weekend was awesome and super productive!!!! We are so close to being finished with main parts its not even funny! Hopefully get some pics from that up soon!

Well we hope you all have an awesome week and can’t wait to see you out this Saturday to spook it up at the Mockingbird… Remember to make reservations if you want to sit and eat (850)222-4956…

Go support local!

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