Crazy life of The New 76ers

This picture is a small glimpse into our life as we knew it to be these past couple of months with a festival every weekend! We had an amazing time and got a chance to meet and play with tons of amazing people. We are so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity. Alas, the festival times will slow down for summer which will give us a good chance to work on our new album! We are all so ready and excited to start on this project and have really received loads of support on some of the songs that we are deciding to put on the album. eeeee

You can still catch us out this summer:

June 30th  @  Mockingbird Cafe 

July 14th  @  Swamp Stomp (Tallahassee Museum)

July 28th  @  Mockingbird Cafe 

So there it is! We look forward to seeing you! Make sure you go out and support local music and local establishments that help support local music!

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