Due South / Silver Daggers / S.M.R. / House Concert

So this weekend we are staying busy with four separate shows!!!! We are so excited to start off in Thomasville, GA at Due South!!! We will then haul tail back to Tally for our show with The Silver Daggers and Success at Krew De Gras!!! This show has been a long time coming! Both bands have been talking for a while on when we could get together and put on a show but it seemed it was never gonna happen when the Silver Daggers moved to NYC… but alas it’s happening this Friday night!!! Saturday we are heading over to Monticello for their annual Southern Music Rising! This is always a great festival with tons of amazing acts that play it every year and though it’s almost impossible to see everyone, we have some “don’t miss”  bands for you… The Feraltones, Brian & Daisy, The Silver Daggers(in case you missed them Friday!) & especially don’t miss Frank Lindamood! Speaking of Frank Lindamood, the next day (Sunday) we all are gonna be out at Donna Deckers beach house in Alligator Point for a house concert!!! Frank Lindamood and The New 76ers will jam it out from 3-5:30 followed by a feast!!! Email ddadecker@gmail.com for reserved spots- limited number available!

So we hope to see you out at atleast one of these fine events we have set up!! For sure it will be a blast!

Here’s the weekend schedule:

Friday  – 6-7 – Due South-  stage will be at 209 W Remington Ave.

                – 9-10:15 pm – Krewe de Gras- Tallahassee

Saturday–  3 pm-  Monticello Opera House Theater stage

Sunday–  3-5/5:30 pm-  Donna Decker’s Dolphin House—1474 Alligator Drive, Alligator Point, FL

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